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We would love to have consistent meeting rooms for our meetings, rather than being dependent on library availability.   Currently, we rotate meetings between South/West Seattle one month, North Seattle the next month, and the Eastside the third month.  We’re flexible with this if we’re able to find a good space, however.  We also need a consistent location for Sundays.

Our basic requirements for meeting space are:

  • Able to hold a minimum of 70 children and adults.   Because of the nature of teaching and learning babywearing, we need a somewhat larger space than what might be used to *seat* 70 adults and children.  Our meetings have young children playing while caregivers learn new skills, and having space to spread out for these activities helps us maintain safety in our teaching practices.
  • Flexible space.  We need to be able to move tables and chairs out of the way, at least a little.  We’re happy of course to do all of the furniture moving before and after meetings ourselves.
  • Okay with children eating dry snacks.  Sometimes a cracker is the best way to distract a fractious child while the parent is learning something new.  If you have a vacuum, we’re happy to clean up after ourselves at the end of the meeting; otherwise, we bring a small carpet sweeper and will do our best to return the space to the condition in which we found it.
  • Some availability of free and convenient parking.  Often parents are coming with multiple small children.  Having free and convenient parking is essential to making our meetings easily accessible to our members.  Even a handful of spaces would be fantastic.
  • Free.  Because we are a non-profit that does not require people seeking our services to purchase memberships, we simply don’t have the money to pay $60 a month for meeting spaces.  We may be able to work something out regarding a tax deduction if you normally charge for your space but allow us to use it for free.
  • Bathrooms we can use.  With the length of meetings and the demographic of our population (pregnant moms, potty-learning toddlers, babes in diapers), we need easy access to a bathroom.

Also nice would be:

  • Close to a major freeway.  For ease of access to members who often come from as far south as Tacoma and as far north as Marysville.
  • On a bus line, for our members who don’t drive.
  • A space where we can add members and accept payment for their memberships.  The meeting space agreements of the Seattle and King County library systems indicate that we’re not allow to advertise memberships or take money for products or memberships.  Now that we’re a non-profit and require a paid membership from anyone wishing to check carriers out of our lending library, we risk running afoul of regulations by attempting to help someone who shows up to a meeting, wishes to check out a carrier, and therefore needs to become a member.


Ideal spaces include retail locations with dedicated classroom space, churches, kid-focused businesses, and other similar venues.  We would be happy to promote your business at our meetings, on our website, and in our Facebook group in exchange.   Our leaders are covered with insurance through our national organization; if you have further questions, please feel free to mention them in your email.  If you can help us, please email [email protected] with specific information.   Thank you so much for your help!