Image of a white woman carrying a bald baby in a rainbow color wrap, beside the event title Babywearing 101We kicked off May by hosting our very first Babywearing 101 class at Greenlake Presbyterian Church! This event was hosted by one of our Newest VBEs, Julia W..

Julia took the group through all of the basics of safe baby wearing, making sure your baby is high enough, that the the airway is open, and of course, tips on how to keep both the wearer and baby comfortable.

Other VBEs that led demos for the main types of carriers, soft structured carriers, wraps, meh dais, ring slings and stretchy wraps. Once the demos were over, attendees were encouraged to get help putting up their own child or using one of Seattle Babywearers’s demo dolls. Participants had a chance to peruse a wide selection of carriers as well as get individual help with fittings by the volunteers.

Attending the BWI Babywearing 101 Class gave me the confidence to wear my 3 week old son. – Megan C.

African American woman is shown wearing her mixed race infant in a black and red ringsling

We recieved this great selfie from attendee Megan C. wearing her son for the first time after the event. This was her first event with Seattle Babywearers and first experience with babywearing. he writes, “Attending the BWI Babywearing 101 Class gave me the confidence to wear my 3 week old son. With the instruction of the instructors, I know I am using my wrap correctly and my son is safe. I am now wearing my son daily, to do things like eat and drink a beer hands free. My wrap will be a lifesaver when we travel to CA, this month. I am so glad I don’t have to bring our heavy stroller. Thank you BWI!”

We are so excited to see this first time mom implementing safe babywearing so quickly after the meeting!

Were you able to attend? Did you have more questions or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]